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Ha. A. Mehler


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97 pages
29,402 words


Unusual stories about the secret life of plants and trees

Common to all stories is the fact that they focus on the world of trees, shrubs, flowers and plants. Plants and trees are seen as living beings, with feelings, thoughts and their own consciousness.


Five narratives are presented, which are held together by an overarching theme: the inner life of trees, shrubs, flowers and plants, the green world. The stories are set in different cultural areas and times, specifically in Japan, the USA, England, Germany and Mexico.


All that an old Japanese couple still owns is a valuable bonsai that represents their entire wealth. But when a stranger takes shelter with them for a night, the couple sacrifices the branches and trunk of this bonsai to light a fire so that their guest does not have to freeze. They do not know that their guest is the tenno, the emperor himself.

Your good deed is rewarded.


The story takes place in England. A rich heir invites an investment expert to help him grow his money wisely. He does not notice how he is systematically ripped off; even his own butler is in cahoots with the investment advisor. Finally, a plant intervenes and solves the problem in its own way. It saves the heir from losing millions.


A professor of biology argues with an Indian woman about the power that animates a butterfly. The Indian woman demonstrates to him that there are completely different methods of interacting with butterflies and the green world. Although the professor defends himself with all intellectual and “scientific” arguments, he is finally convinced that plants and animals are animated by living beings.


From the point of view of a tree, the relationship between whites and Aztecs in Mexico in the 15th and 16th centuries is described. The tree witnesses the cruelties of Hernando Cortez and his Spaniards, but it also recognizes the weaknesses of the Aztecs. When an Aztec daughter is tortured and killed on its trunk, her soul escapes and takes place in a tree right next to him.


A lover and friend of the green world tries to get into conversation with a tree. To his surprise he succeeds. He realizes the reason why people cannot communicate with plants and trees and is introduced to various secrets of the green world.

Ha. A. Mehler

Ha. A. Mehler studied history, German literature and philosophy in Würzburg and Frankfurt. The former television journalist, who was responsible for over 200 films, has written over 100 books to date. The bestselling author, published in nine countries, has received several awards, including three Golden Feather awards. In 2004 Mehler emigrated to the United States of America; he now lives in Florida.
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