The Frugal Homesteader




Garden & Nature

Leo Sharashkin

New Society Publisher

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7.5 x 9”
192 Pages
150 B&W photos & illustrations

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Living the Good Life on Less

Build your homesTeading dreams with all the afordable DIY innovations, tips, and stories you need to successfully launch you on a path to self-suiciency. Raise and grow your own food, connect with nature, and consume less while producing more.

He Frugal Homesteader is a fun, inspirational, and educational guide illed with a lifetime of learning that comes along with becoming a homesteader. Following dozens of successful families who have been motivated to make do, make new, and make more while saving money and living of the land, this book covers such topics as:

–  Outitting your garden
–  Equipping your barn and outbuildings
–  Protecting and providing for your animals
–  Harvesting rainwater
–  Heating with wood
–  Foraging
–  Producing more of what you need to thrive in harder times.

Whether you’re just starting out and looking for new, sustainable, and afordable ideas, approaches, and techniques, or you’re a small-scale farmer in regenerative agriculture, he Frugal Homesteader is the DIY manual to help you succeed.

Leo Sharashkin

Leonid Sharashkin, PhD, is a full-time natural beekeeper and founder of He has edited numerous books on natural beekeeping, writes for major magazines, and speaks internationally on bee- friendly beekeeping. He keeps bees in the Ozarks of southern Missouri.
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