Future’s quiet breathing



Ulrich Grober


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320 pages

A historic process of rethinking is underway. All over the world people are starting to search for a »different world«, searches that take varied and creative forms, without ready-made solutions, but with common values and a shared vision of a sustainable future. The dynamics of this movement are irreversible. It is fascinating to take part in it.
However, the perspective of many people is currently narrowing into tunnel vision fixated on the symptoms of crisis and collapse: frustrated, fearful, violent or resigned, exhausted, cynical. That‘s why positive energy is especially important right now. Ulrich Grober has set out to find people and places that stand for a new culture of sustainability, in the middle of society. He is interested in the rise of sustainable values in the current zeitgeist. His book tells us about the hunger for deceleration, for serenity and empathy, for simplicity and meaning.

Ulrich Grober

ULRICH GROBER is a journalist and author. His subjects include ecology, sustainability and sustainable lifestyles. He is mainly interested in the links between cultural heritage and future visions. His book »The Discovery of Sustainability« is a standard work, as is his book on the »Art of Walking.«
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger