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Johanna Fischer


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A body of well-being through mindfulness and self-confidence

This book provides answers to the question of what causes people to eat when they actually don’t want to eat. It is well known that today’s affluent society is the trigger for a large wave of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders or high blood pressure. Most of those affected also know how they could live healthier – but it usually fails because of the implementation.

As a nutritionist and mental trainer, Johanna Fischer is confronted with this problem on a daily basis. In doing so, she explains to her clients that a nutrition plan and third-party control is not the solution. Everyone has to consciously take responsibility for their eating habits. This is exactly what this interactive guide leads to.

In this book, Johanna Fischer explains a way to feel what their body really needs – with in- depth knowledge, the necessary tools and without a nutrition plan. In this way, you become your own coach and can assess for yourself what you need in order to feel completely well.

Johanna Fischer

Johanna Fischer is a young nutritionist, nutrition therapist and mental coach from South Tyrol. She completed her education at the University of Vienna, at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten as well as in Innsbruck and Munich. In her freelance work as a nutrition coach, among other things as part of the ProActive South Tyrol team, she supports people in making their lives healthier and more active. In individual settings as well as in workshops and lectures, she wants to inspire her clients to take responsibility for their own health and happiness. She realised very early on that most people do not lack knowledge. That is why Johanna Fischer has set herself the goal of acting as a kind of filter in an abundance of controversial information and helping people to help themselves.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger