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158 pages
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Born from a wave of pleasure
The book for a conscious pregnancy and birth trusting in the female primal force

• Womanhood and birth: time for a new awareness

• Creation of a FlowBirthing network

The birth of a child is the most joyful experience we can ever have it’s an experience of fundamental importance that makes us grateful and humble regarding the miracle of life. But today many women are afraid of giving birth of the pain, the circumstances, the consequences instead of relying on their natural strength and gift. How could it happen that women feel alienated from their female primal force at the moment of greatest proximity to them- selves?

FlowBirthing is more than a birth manual it is the beginning of a new birth culture: FlowBirthing creates awareness that again sees femininity and the ability to give birth as a gift. In tune with themselves women experience the birth process as a source of unexpected inner strength and inspiration. FlowBirthing combines ancient female knowledge with the latest scientific findings and focuses on the wellbeing of pregnant women.

All women who are looking for a self-determined and natural birth and everyone who wants to support them and look at the beginning of life in a new light will find valuable suggestions in this book.

Kristina Marita Rumpel

She is a single mother of a son. She studied business economics with a focus on gender and diversity at the WU in Vienna and social sciences at the HU in Berlin with Prof. em. Hans Bertram. As a re- search assistant in the German Bundestag family policy was her area of expertise. She is currently working in cultural management with a focus on authentic communication. "FlowBirthing” is her first work. It arose after surviving a cancer condition from the deep need to deal with the issue of femininity and (re)birth.
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