First Aid with Fresh Wild Plants


Garden & Nature


Coco Burckhardt


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128 pages
60 colour photographs


Nature’s medicine cabinet for when you’re on the move – with outdoor life hacks

Wild herbs offer immediate aid from nature’s medicine cabinet clover flowers help following an insect bite, forest strawberries soothe the skin in cases of sunburn and daisies ease the pain following a sprain. You can easily make use of many of our everyday herbs while you’re outside, as a form of First Aid. Coco Burckhardt presents the 46 best wild plants for small emergencies when you’re on the move. The natural remedies are ready in a flash: all the plants are applied fresh and directly, with no need for laborious preparation of ointments. New in the current edition: surprising “life hacks” for outdoor mishaps such as a broken shoelace or forgotten deodorant. This little book is a must-have in every backpack.

Coco Burckhardt

Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger