First-Aid Acupoints



Markus Schirner


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41 cards
Size: 100 x 150 mm
Including instruction
12 pages


How to activate self-healing processes and alleviate everyday discomfort

Simple technique, free of side effects, usable without training Be it a cold, toothache, tinnitus, or be it high blood pressure, migraines, hay fever or menstrual pain – we can give ourselves first aid with our own hands, thanks to the cards’ clear illustrations and exact descriptions. By stimulating certain reflex points on the skin, we activate the self-healing powers and can alleviate or even simply »push away« many everyday complaints. The reason is that energetic pathways run through the body, and these can be used to influence any organ system. Acupressure is a traditional method that brings movement into blocked energies and thereby can bring about healing.

Markus Schirner

Markus Schirner is a trained teacher for kinesiology, »Brain Gym« and »Touch for Health« as well as a massage therapist. Among his further areas of expertise are aroma and herbal lore, meditation and breathing therapy as well as Buddhist philosophy. The Schirner Verlag, founded by Markus Schirner and his wife Heidi Schirner, is among the most important spiritually oriented publishing houses in Germany.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger