Familiy Constellations with symbols



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Roswitha Stark

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143 pages
Softcover with gatefolds


How to develop optimal systemic solutions on paper.

• Systemic harmonisation with symbols: Family Constellations without substitutes

• From a well-known author and expert

For family systems as well as for business or private projects, the fol- lowing holds true: Only if all parts of a whole are in harmony with each other can the whole itself be in harmony – which is why, to achieve happiness and success, we need to get along well with one another. If one or more parts are left out deliberately or inadvertently, this will result in discordance, suppression and emotional reactions that pre- vent success. However, once the whole field has been cleared and all participants have been restored to their power, wonderful things can happen. Problems and blockages will dissolve; all that is good, useful and healthy will happen easily and effortlessly, thus clearing the way for happiness, success, well-being and love.

This book shows in a practical way how you can easily develop family constellations and systemic work on paper yourself. With the help of a test system that is readily available, you can check which “members” are important for your concern or project and which relationships are not in harmony with each other. Then clean up blocking relationships using symbols and words from a well arran- ged table in the book.

See for yourself how the energy in the system will change perceptibly to the positive and realize that you can actually make systemic miracles happen all by yourself!

Roswitha Stark

She is a graduate specialist in German studies and an alternative practitioner for healing with vibra- tions, sensitive resonance therapy and energe- tic healing techniques. Moreover she is a course instructor for information medicine, healing with symbols and dowsing. She works with humans and animals. Roswitha Stark is – together with Petra Neumayer – author of the best selling series "Painted Medicine”.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger