Extending my Limits



Petra von Minden

Junfermann Verlag

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288 pages

155 Techniques for self-assertion and for breaking down inner blockades

Limits arise in your head

Borderlines or limits do not begin where we meet others, they begin much earlier – namely in our head: in the way we think and look at the world. This book focuses on the inner dynamics of a person and looks where our limits or non-limits arise. The author offers 155 (mental) techniques which help to set limits where they are appropriate and to widen them where they are restrictive.

The books is about inner limits and also about limits we set for others (outside limits). Both are examined more closely in order to answer the question of how we can successfully keep a healthy balance between self-assertion good relationships with others.

Petra von Minden

Petra von Minden has been working as a psychological counselor, coach and supervisor as well as a lecturer in adult education for over 25 years. Her main focus is on communication, conflict management and self-assertion.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger