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Sharing feelings – coping with crisis

Are you familiar with the feeling of wanting to get something off your chest? More or less unconsciously we all want to share both pleasant and unpleasant experiences, for example by talking to others about an experience. But also by showing our mood we allow others to indirectly participate in our experience. But why do we do this? In passing on some of our emotional experience to others, we help them.

Ina Rosenthal created a word for this kind of sharing experiences. “Emparing” is a symbiosis of the words empathy and sharing. If we became aware of the emparing process, this can have a powerful impact on the way we see our relationships and how we deal with life crises. Even hard blows of fate can be handled better if we share them with the people we are connected to.

Ina Rosenthal

Ina Rosenthal is a coach and counsellor.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger