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Thinksustainably, manage successfully! What if a company took its responsibility for humans and nature seriously? If an entrepreneur made values like sustainability, compatibility of family and career and solidarity a practical company philosophy and lived them consistently herself?

Antje von Dewitz shows that it is possible to throw seemingly irreplaceable paradigms of economic success overboard and be quite successful with the approach.

More and more, ever cheaper, maximum profit –and after us the deluge? That it can be done differently, and successfully, is demonstrated by the family business VAUDE, which established sustainability as a model for success decades ago and proves with its strategy that economic success and ecological and social responsibility are not contradictions. The topic of sustainability is at the top of their agenda, and the company is a pioneer not only concerning family friendliness. Whether in terms of climate change or immigration, Antje von Dewitz takes a clear stance on things, moves forward and is highly motivated.

In her book, she takes us on a journey into the future that is already present-day at VAUDE.

Antje von Dewitz

Dr. Antje von Dewitz, born in 1972, has been CEO of the outdoor brand VAUDE (founded by her father in 1974) since 2009. She and the family business have received several awards for their long-standing social and ecological commitment, including the German Sustainability Award and the Order of Merit of the State of Baden-Württemberg. She lives with her husband and four children at Lake Constance.
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