Cosmobiological Conception Planning



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Bodo J. Baginski

Shalila Sharamon

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Softcover 248 pages
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The Lunar Method for Conception and Contraception – with Lunar Calendar to 2035

The knowledge of the rhythms and laws of life is as old as humanity. People have always been looking for ways to derive the greatest possible benefit from the knowl- edge of these rhythms.

With the cosmobiological method, natural contraception can be carried out in a simple way or the most favour- able time for a desired conception can be determined. Whether the child will be a boy or a girl can also be de- termined and planned with a high degree of probability. With the lunar calendar until 2035, every woman can determine her fertile days and use this data for contra- ception or conception.

Bodo J. Baginski

Bodo J. Baginski, born in 1952, opened his own practice in 1973 after his training as a phys- iotherapist, in which he preferred to use alternative healing methods. During his 10 years in this profession, several patents were developed in the field of medical technology. His search for further possibilities of holistic healing led him to the Findhorn community in Northern Scotland as well as to various Asian countries.

Shalila Sharamon

Shalila Sharamon, born in 1948, received training as a meditation teacher in 1972. She found- ed and led several meditation centres. In 1980 she also began studying astrology, and since 1992 has focused on Indian astrology. She interweaves her astrological knowledge with holistic life support and health counselling. During many years of travelling through Europe and Asia she completed her wealth of experience about natural healing methods and the possibilities of holis- tic development.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger