Breathing Techniques




Markus Schirner


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144 x 205 mm
144 pages
Colour illustrations throughout

Our breath connects us with the world. When applied correctly, it will energize us and give us back health, strength and clarity of mind. But many people no longer know how to breathe properly – they lose their vitality and get sick. Learn how to bene t from the right use of your breath in any given situation. From easy exercises such as feeling the diaphragm, to breathing meditations such as directing the Prana energy into certain areas of the body, to advanced techniques such as breath retention or the connected breath: The proven breathing techniques, as compiled by expert Markus Schirner in this extended edition of the classic on the healing power of our breath, are easy to perform and work immediately.

› exercises covering three levels of difficulty, thus suitable for each level of experience
› the classic (44,000 copies sold) in an extended and revised edition featuring 18 additional breathing techniques
› a breathing course specifically designed for improving our health
› a handy register serves as a quick finder for choosing the right breathing technique
› ideal addition to the card set of the same title

Markus Schirner

Markus Schirner is a trained teacher for kinesiology, »Brain Gym« and »Touch for Health« as well as a massage therapist. Among his further areas of expertise are aroma and herbal lore, meditation and breathing therapy as well as Buddhist philosophy. The Schirner Verlag, founded by Markus Schirner and his wife Heidi Schirner, is among the most important spiritually oriented publishing houses in Germany.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger