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Bernd Zangerl


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Boulderingis a trend sport that continues to attract more and more people. This extensive work addresses all the important aspects of this sport, from well-known areas for bouldering and famous representatives to competitions and the correct way to train.

Climbing a rock without a lot of equipment carries a closeness to nature with it and demands not only discipline and perseverance but also the pleasure of experimenting and dealing with failure properly.

The »natural born free climber« Bernd Zangerl and his co-authors and fellow boulderers explain to readers the fascinating and challenging aspects of climbing and show that bouldering is the origin of this sport. With numerous illustrations, this book is an adventure for boulderers, newcomers, and interested onlookers alike.

With contribution by Fred Nicole, Richard Signer, Patrick Matros, Florian Scheimpflug, Klaus Haselböck and Josef Wiesauer. With a preface by John Gill.

Bernd Zangerl

Bernd Zangerl was born in 1978. Having been surrounded by mountains since birth, it didn’t take long until he was drawn to this beautiful and seemingly endless world of glaciers, gorges, and peaks. After celebrating great successes in Alpine climbing, Bernd Zangerl eventually turned to bouldering and found his true passion there.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger