Betrayed by Work



Julia Erickson


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Trade Paperback
224 Pages

Women’s Stories of Trauma, Healing and Hope after Being Fired

Recover from Job Loss with the Support of Other Women Women who read this book will find examples that inspire and enable them to move forward after the trauma of being fired. The successful women in Betrayed by Work show how they reclaimed and rebuilt their personal power and careers after they were rendered powerless by their employers—and offer practical tools for your own job loss recovery. Emotionally, getting fired is one of life’s most difficult experiences. When women get fired, it is often devastating, traumatic, and isolating. We experience a sudden powerlessness that can destroy our confidence and feelings of self-worth. We grieve. We feel broken. It affects our self-esteem, our financial well-being, our professional identity, and our ability to look for other work—in short, it affects our entire way of life. How, then, does a woman navigate the emotional impact of this event? With other women. You are not alone. In Betrayed by Work, authors Julie Erickson, MBA and Suzanne K. Vosburg, PhD bear witness to the stories of women just like you—and just like them. This book shows how women lost their jobs, describes what happened to them immediately and in the aftermath, validates women’s feelings about being fired, and offers a source of hope and companionship to those of us coping with either our own job loss or the sudden job loss of someone we know or love. In reading this book, discover: True stories from women who are honest about how they were fired and what they felt while being let go Key points to help process each story and apply its lesson to your own experience Practical takeaways and suggestions to help you cope in the immediate aftermath of your job loss If you were encouraged by personal growth books about women in business like In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney, Presence by Amy Cuddy, or Power Moves by Lauren McGoodwin, then you’ll be inspired and empowered by Betrayed by Work.

Julia Erickson

Julia Erickson is a career coach who helps people find their "right fit" work. A survivor of being fired, she has coached many people who have experienced job loss which led to this book. She wrote an ebook, Your Right Fit Job: Guide to Getting Work You Really Love, and has contributed essays to two other books, one of which is the best-selling Success from the Heart. She was Executive Director of City Harvest for 11 years. Prior to leading City Harvest, Julia led workforce development initiatives in NYC in the Dinkins Administration. A graduate of Smith College, Julia has an MBA in Leadership from New York Institute of Technology. Among her awards are the James Beard Foundation's 2003 Humanitarian of the Year and Woman's Day Magazine's 2002 "Women Who Inspire Us".
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