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Alexandra Perrogon

Sylvie Hampikian

Terre Vivante

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21 x 21 cm
120 pages

Make your own shampoo, lowlights and natural dyes

Traditional shampoo, conditioner and hair dyes are, for the most part, chemical products that harm hair and health. However, there are plants and natural products for hair that are perfectly safe. This book explains how to mix and apply them correctly. Examples are soap plants like saponaria, shikakai, soapnut, and legumes, embellishing plants such as aloe, quince, coconut, avocado, banana, rosemary, yellow myrobalan, black and red teas, hibiscus, vegetable oils and more, and tinctorial plants such as camomile, carthame, walnut hull, natural henna, black henna (indigo), onion skin, Indian gooseberry and common madder. The book presents a selection of the best recipes for all types of haircare, including shampoo, highlights, lowlights, hair dye and beauty masks.

Alexandra Perrogon

Alexandra Perrogon, specialises in natural hair care and created her Hair institute in 2003.

Sylvie Hampikian

Sylvie Hampikian has a scientific background and has worked for years on the multiple uses of essential oils for health, beauty and well-being. She is the author of many books on these subjects.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger