Beautiful Leafy Plants


Garden & Nature

Robert Sulzberger


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60 pages
124 colour photographs
22 illustrations
13 tables
Paperback with flaps


Bring diversity into your garden with attractive leaf forms and colours – more than 50 splendid perennials, grasses, trees and shrubs, and balcony plants


• Enormously diverse and exceptionally decorative – ornamental leafy plants determine the character of our gardens all year round, and belong in every planter bed

• Huge or tiny, smooth or hairy, green, yellow, red or even with a multicoloured pattern – this book showcases the sheer endless diversity of leaf forms and colours, and presents the most beautiful species and varieties in profiles

• Know how to utilise ornamental leafy plants in accordance with their site requirements and combine them effectively – with important maintenance and professional tips for successful plantings

Robert Sulzberger

Robert Sulzberger is a horticultural engineer and author of numerous technical articles and gardening books. He has worked at the magazine "kraut & rüben" and is now also active as an organiser of successful garden markets.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger