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The healing fruit of the remedial tree

Africa is not only the cradle of mankind, but also home to what is perhaps the most unusual tree in the world, the baobab. The whimsical-looking monkey bread tree, with its root-like, skyward branches and massive jagged trunk, is a true treasure trove of nutrients. Its huge fruits contain more antioxidants than any other fruit, a wealth of minerals, protein with the perfect amino acid profile, soluble and insoluble fiber in perfect balance and an abundance of polyphenols, all-rounders for our health.

Baobab fruit powder lowers blood sugar levels, increases the number of good intestinal bacteria by 40 percent, can be used in the prophylaxis and therapy of cardiovascular diseases, strengthens the nervous system during stress and helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Baobab oil from the seeds rejuvenates the skin, makes age spots disappear and helps with psoriasis. Delicious Baobab fruit powder enhances desserts, smoothies and also savory dishes – health has never tasted better!

  • The baobab: everything worth knowing about the monkey bread tree
  • The ingredients of baobab and their importance for our health
  • How to use baobab for cooking
  • DIY skin and hair care recipes
  • How to use baobab as a home remedy: A wide range of applications

Barbara Simonsohn

Barbara Simonsohn is a sought-after health expert and best-selling author. The graduated social scientist lived and worked in the Findhorn community in Northern Scotland where she came in contact with the authentic Reiki as conveyed by a lineage of Reiki teachers directly tracing back to its originator Dr. Mikao Usui. Since she got acquainted with the »Five Tibetans« more than thirty years ago she has been practicing them on a daily basis. She teaches in Germany and abroad.
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