Arthrosis is Curable



Bernhard Dickreiter


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Degenerative arthrosis has become a widespread illness in the last decades – and patients are get- ting younger. While many still believe that the condition is not curable because cartilage cannot regenerate, new scientific findings show: cartilage can regenerate after all. For preventing and treating arthrosis, it is therefore decisively important to take the entire biological system of joints into account.

Dr. med. Bernhard Dickreiter is a specialist for internal medicine, for physical and rehabilitative medicine, and used to be chief of medicine at a clinic for physical rehabilitation.

Bernhard Dickreiter

Specialist in internal medicine Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation Additional qualifications: naturopathy, geriatrics, social medicine, diving medicine former head physician of a rehabilitation clinic for neurology, orthopaedics and internal medicine Quiris Therapy Award for innovative therapeutic concepts for the concept of "Cell Biological Regulation Therapy", 2016
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