Aqua Fitness



Sports and Martial Arts

Andrea Röwekamp

Thorsten Dargatz

Copress - Stiebner

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128 pages

Physical training in the water is not only good for your body and joints. Because of the water’s buoyancy your bodyweight reduces to a minimum, which makes the training even suitable for overweight people.

In addition to a lot of information about the health aspects of Aqua Fitness the authors present various detailed exercises. Workout programmes for swimmers and non- swimmers are included as well as exercises with and without additional equipment.

Andrea Röwekamp

The sports scientists Thorsten Dargatz and Andrea Röwekamp have been working for years as specialist journalists, trainers and fitness consultants. Their contributions have been published in numerous books and magazines. Most recently, "Theraband and Pezziball" was published by Copress.

Thorsten Dargatz

Thorsten Dargatz studied sports science (DSHS Cologne) and has been working as a science journalist and author for 20 years. He regularly writes articles for journals and magazines on the topics of fitness, health, wellness and nutrition and has already published more than 20 books.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger