Among the Wild Bears of Alaska



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David Bittner

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272 pages
200 colour photos

• Interesting facts about the life of brown bears in Alaska
• Featuring numerous spectacular photos

Bears have fascinated mankind for centuries. Some see them as unpredictable beasts, others as cute cuddly toys. For David Bittner they are neither the one nor the other. The dedicated biologist and photographer has spent many summers amongst bears in the wilderness of Alaska. With patience and sensitivity he was able to build an extraordinary relationship of trust with some of these animals. They accept him and allow him to participate in their lives. Thus, the author has had the unique chance to see some of the bears grow up, and he has witnessed the animals find their place in the complex social hierarchies. The ambitious wildlife and nature photographer has documented the life of these bears in numerous images. With expert knowledge and gripping stories, this spectacular illustrated book introduces us to bears in a very unique and special way.

David Bittner

David Bittner PhD in zoology, bear expert, and nature photograph. Bearer of the environmental research award of the city of Bern. He has carried out research on the bears of Alaska since 2002. He works as head of the fishing department of the Canton of Aargau. Photos: David Bittner, Paul Sonders
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger