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Chris Bay

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260 pages

Savoury Meals on the Open Fire Cooking Techniques, Fire Types, and Recipes

• Archaic techniques with new culinary dimension
• Cooking techniques, fire types, recipes
• Fire cooking as the ultimate experience with friends

Fire cooking is different from and more than just barbecue. It is an ancient technique with a
new culinary dimension. Uncomplicated and unexpectedly simple. With new types of flavours, interesting roasting aromas, subtle smoke savours – a holistic orgy for the palate and the senses. This book provides easy and clear explanations on the basics of fire cooking, demonstrating different methods, materials, and techniques. All of which are geared towards one goal: to offer traditional and rich culinary variety based on ancient recipes and new ideas. Such as toasted bread with rosemary ash, Catalan fire onions with spicy romesco sauce, trout from the hot stone or archaic coal meat, liquid camembert in a wooden box, and, to round it off, blueberry crumble or upside down Linzer cake.

Chris Bay

Chris Bay and Monika Di Muro Fire cooking pros with their own mobile fire kitchen. Co-owners of the catering company chillfood specialized on fire cooking events and trainings in Switzerland and abroad.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger