12 Things to Do to Quit Smoking




Heath Dingwell


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Smoking stinks. It also kills.

Over 100,000 people in the United States die from smoking-related lung cancer every year, yet millions find it difficult to quit the deadly addiction every time they light up. Using the latest research, 12 Things to Do to Quit Smoking can help you develop the best action plan so you can kick the habit for good. In this simple how-to guide, you can learn:
-What it is that makes smoking so addictive
-The benefits and downsides to quitting “cold turkey”
-The latest treatments that have been proven to work, including natural approaches
-How to deal with your withdrawal symptoms

Heath Dingwell

Heath Dingwell, author of The Easiest Way to Stop Smoking, is a health and wellness writer for health centers across the country, including the Mayo Clinic. Heath graduated from Washington State University with a Ph.D. in Sociology and was a university professor, teaching criminal justice. He lives with his wife and child in Connecticut.
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