Westend Verlag was founded in January 2004, initially as a “one-book publishing house”: The title 50 simple things you can do to save the world by Andreas Schlumberger was published in September of the same year and quickly became a bestseller, with four editions, four foreign licenses and one paperback license. Inspired by this success, the “50 Things” series was born. Parallel to this, an ambitious non-fiction programme was developed with the thematic focus on politics/economy/society/ecology. The Westend Verlag has succeeded in winning well-known authors for this publishing programme.

Westend Verlag is what it wanted to be from the very beginning: close to reality, questioning, future-oriented, sensitive as well as competent with regard to social conflict and environmental problems. Background information for one’s own assessment of social processes and orientation or solid knowledge for everyday life are the focus. The program aims to find relevant topics for an increasingly critical audience and to have them prepared by outstanding authors. Almost all of the books have been conceptually developed by the publishing house, which is why up to now most of the original editions have been published by German-speaking authors, which also explains the above-average presence of Westend authors and topics in the media.

Westend Verlag sees itself as an advocate for the ideas, thoughts, analyses and works of its authors. The individual titles complement each other. This results in a very close cooperation that goes far beyond the usual publisher/author relationship.

In the meantime, the Westend Verlag has established itself as a constant in the non-fiction book segment. Our authors include Heiner Flassbeck, Peter Zudeick, Ulrike Herrmann, Jörg Armbruster, Sven Plöger, Ulrich Schneider, Albrecht Müller, Manni Breuckmann, Wolfgang Hetzer, Hanni Hüsch, Simone Rethel, Petra Roth, Sahra Wagenknecht, Franz Keller, Friedhelm Hengsbach, Rainer Mausfeld and Mathias Bröckers.

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger