Your Soul Dog Leads You The Way



New Age / Esoterics

Susanne Orrù-Benterbusch


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Gatefolded paperback
Size: 162 x 220 mm
272 pages

A code of praxis towards a healthy and happy relationship between humans and dogs

Dog textbook, life guide and heart opener in one

This book is a declaration of love to all dog souls in the world. The experienced animal healer Susanne Orrù-Benterbusch invites you to rediscover the relationship with your four-legged companion. You will learn everything you need to know about the subject of dog health, from optimal nutrition to dealing with parasites and environmental toxins further to energy work. Your dog is far more than a loyal friend: As your »soul dog« he is at the same time a companion accompanying your intellectual and spiritual growth. Embark on the dog adventure, and enjoy the best time of your life!

»Having a dog by your side brings an indescribable feeling of connectedness and being-loved.« (Susanne Orrù-Benterbusch)

Susanne Orrù-Benterbusch

Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger