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Kristen Lee

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288 pages
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How to Microdose Bravery to Grow Resilience, Connect More, and Offer Yourself to the World

An award-winning behavioral scientist shares a practical guide on using strategic risk-taking to build resilience, courage, and connection.

Are you tired of being pumped with constant messages of fear and anxiety— that the future is bleak, and that we lack the grit our ancestors had to make it through? Now Kristen Lee shares a powerful guide to help you access your inner resources of courage, resilience, and creativity.

Our current culture has left many of us unwilling to step outside of our “safe spaces”—whether that means sheltering from the pandemic in our homes or feeling afraid to speak up when any discussion might explode into an argument; yet our search for safety can go too far. Fortunately, the latest research shows us that by “microdosing” small acts of bravery and connection, we can regain our confidence in our own adaptability, ingenuity, and sense of value to ourselves and one another. In each chapter, Lee provides a solid dose of brain science combined with practical actions to activate strengths and sustain yourself through challenges.

Kristen Lee

Kristen Lee, EdD, LICSW, is an award- winning behavioral science and leadership professor, clinician, researcher, activist, comedian, author of Reset and Mentalligence, and host of Crackin’ Up.
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