Work with tensors



New Age / Esoterics

Ernst Weberstorfer


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Thread stitching
12 x 19 cm
Pages 128

Theory and practice

For many people the use of a tensor is selfevident. It is an ideal tool to test the digestibility of foods, the effectiveness of Bach flow­er remedies, homeopathic applications or healing stones. With many illustrations and examples, the book shows how the tensor correctly assesses food and allergens, while recognising and evaluating fine energy flows. Ernst Weberstorfer has carried out years of research in the field of the one-handed rod (tensor) and gives practical instructions for their use in the book. With the help of the experience from countless lectures and seminars, he describes the versatile application possibilities of tensors in the medical as well as in the private sector.

Ernst Weberstorfer

Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger