Wilderness wisdom from our ancestries




Eunike Grahofer


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20 x 27 cm
Pages 256

Bioindicator plants and weather plants, with 300 old recipes

Special qualities of wild plants, brought to light from the fund of folk knowledge Our ancestors had to support themselves in the family. In harmony with nature, they developed the right time for sowing or harvesting through observation. If the seeds were planted at the wrong time, a crop failure would have meant hunger in the family. An abundance of new “old” recipes for those who want to learn more about wild plants. Special emphasis on determining the location and resettling the plants in their own environment.

Eunike Grahofer

Eunike Grahofer comes from the Waldviertel, works as a herbal educator and researches old, folk-healing recipes. She is intensively involved with plants and their secret places, with the ideal times to collect various herbs and, above all, with communication with plant souls. She offers seminars, guided hikes and lectures and works on the traditions of her homeland.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger