Why Smart People Hurt



Eric Maisel


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Trade Paperback
240 Pages


Helping Adolescents Cope with the Consequences of Intelligence

Get the Inside Scoop on Teenage Psychology

Our teens are our future so it’s only right that we invest in understanding them! This guide book provides solutions to improve teenage issues and interpersonal communication.

Helpful guide to understanding teenage psychology. In Why Smart Teens Hurt, Dr. Eric Maisel, best-selling author of Why Smart People Hurt, and one of the world’s leading experts on the issues of childhood, shares a unique exploration of the teen problems adolescents face. Maisel guides us on what it’s like to inhabit the racing, often troubled realm of teenage psychology, and he provides powerful strategies to help parents and smart teens alike.

Healthy ways to address teenage issues. Teen parenting books usually look at teenagers as objects. But Why Smart Teens Hurt empowers parents to be empathetic towards their teens while also understanding the struggles of adolescence and teenage behavior. Parents will gain a new level of understanding and a new appreciation of their smart teen’s reality.

Inside, you’ll find:

A comprehensive breakdown of teenage psychology
Strategies and solutions to help your smart teen reach their full potential A uniquely crafted reading experience for both parents and teens

If you liked books such as Smart but Scattered Teens, Focus and Thrive, or Scattered to Focused, you’ll love Why Smart Teens Hurt.

Eric Maisel

ERIC MAISEL, PHD, is the author of more than fifty books on creativity and personal growth. Widely regarded as America’s foremost creativity coach, he is a retired family therapist and a noted leader in the movement known as critical psychology. He writes the Rethinking Mental Health blog for Psychology Today and facilitates creativity and deep writing workshops around the world. He lives in Walnut Creek, California. EricMaisel.com
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