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Stephanie Doms


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28 pages

Listen to your heart and you will arrive.

The picture book tells the story of the little turtle who is unsure where to go. She is drawn in a certain direction, but is it really the right way?

She asks the animals she meets on the way for advice. The more animals give their tips, the more uncertain she becomes. How is a seagull with wings supposed to know which way a turtle with small, crooked legs should go? Finally, the wise owl’s advice encourages the turtle: listen to your heart and you will get where you belong.

A book for children with a message for life!

Stephanie Doms

Stephanie Doms works as a freelance copywriter, yoga teacher and mental coach. The mother of two children also uses her experience for inner balance. "Wohin des Weges kleine Schildkröte" is her first children's book.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger