When antidepressants aren’t enough




Stuart J. Eisendrath

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Harnessing the Power of Mindfulness to Alleviate Depression

For nearly two decades, Dr. Stuart Eisendrath has been researching and teaching the therapeutic effects of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) with people experiencing clinical depression. By helping them recognize that they can find relief by changing how they relate to their thoughts, Eisendrath has seen dramatic improvements in people’s quality of life, as well as actual, measurable brain changes. Easily practiced breath exercises, meditations, and innovative visualizations release readers from what can often feel like the tyranny of their thoughts. Freedom of thought, feeling, and action is the life-altering result.

Stuart J. Eisendrath

Stuart J. Eisendrath, MD, is a senior clinician and research psychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco. The founding director of the UCSF Depression Center, he lives in San Francisco.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger