Wet Packs and Compresses




Vreni Brumm

AT Verlag

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256 pages
150 colour photos

Useful knowledge for self-treatment and professional care

• Expanded new edition of the practical guide
• Practical experience for practical use, for experts and enthusiastic amateurs
• 40 wet packs and compresses – basics, effects and application, including detailed descriptions and many images

Wet packs and compresses are a reliable method offering gentle relief and support with many common conditions and illnesses. They foster our physical well-being and have positive effects on our mental state. The book covers all relevant basics and provides detailed and clear descriptions of more than 50 wet packs and compresses, including their particular effects, areas of use and contraindications, preparation techniques, required materials, correct application methods, duration of use, and, where required, post-treatments. With additional chapters about regenerative self- care, ways of usage in everyday family life with children as well as in ambulant, long-term and palliative care. A thorough, richly illustrated instructional manual for professionals and for home remedies.


Madeleine Ducommun-Capponi Graduate adult educator, care expert, and lecturer. Initiator and long-time co-director of the advanced training for wet pack experts. Co-founder of the International Committee on Wet Packs and Compresses.

Vreni Brumm

Vreni Brumm Graduate adult educator, care expert and Kneipp therapist. Director of an advanced training for wet pack experts, specialized lecturer for both basic and advanced training levels of school and complementary medicine.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger