Well-being hormones



Karim Reggad

Guy Trédaniel

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15 x 22
200 pages
Black and white


How to produce them naturally in our bodies to regain joy and vitality

Endorphin, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin… these “happiness hormones” are produced by our bodies to generate states of well-being during events where these so-called “positive” emotions are activated. The good news is that we can stimulate their secretion thanks to psychophysical techniques offered in this book: voice and sounds of healing, breathing, laughter… Sources of joy, well-being and relaxation, the techniques were chosen by the author for their simplicity and efficiency. Inspired by different disciplines (sound yoga, chi gong, gestalt therapy, positive psychology, creativity), they have the advantage of being fast and easy to apply on a daily basis.

Karim Reggad

International therapist, coach and lecturer, KARIM REGGAD draws on 50 years of experience in body psychotherapy, hypnosis and meditation. He co-operates with university research in psychology, provides training and supervision to health and coaching professionals and regularly intervenes at various schools including IFSI, IFTS, HEC, of the universities of Lorraine, Rouen-Normandie, Paris 8. He is at the origin of the IFGAP: Institute of Training in Gestalt and Professional Accompaniment.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger