Walk and feel: a barefoot dialogue with the Earth



New Age / Esoterics

Johanna Goede

Neue Erde

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144 pages

Both feet firmly on the ground

It is known that reflex zones for all the organs are located on the soles of our feet. Awareness is growing about how important it is for our wellbeing to walk barefoot as often as possible. This book wishes to convey that walking barefoot will also connect us with the Earth, so that we are better able to perceive her and enter into a lively exchange with her.

➤ Both feet on the ground
➤ Subject: walking barefoot
➤ Practical walking and perception exercises

“How’s it going?” – “Still going?” Our feet carry us, but are we walking properly? – And are we going about them the right way?
This compendium, written in a lively style, would like to direct our attention to how we walk and all that is attached to it. How important are our senses and what we are feeling and experiencing while we are walking? How important is it that we are ‘earthed’, and that we feel firm ground under our feet? And last but not least, how do we tread and place our feet?

A central chapter of the book deals with walking on the balls of our feet or on our heels and what the manner of walking does to us. Walking on the balls of the feet means sensing and feeling and connects us with the Earth and her elements, in a dialogue.
The book provides practical exercises on walking and perceiving, which lead us to a deep, feeling connection with the Earth on which we stand and walk, and the landscape in which we move about.

Johanna Goede

Johanna Goede, born 1962, mineralogist with diploma, trained as a geo-culture coach RBA at the axis mundi AKADEMIE, trained as a yoga teacher. Born in Bavaria, grew up in natural surroundings; work experience in very many different branches of business, among others, patenting, international concert management, as a management consultant in the areas of product development, public relations, and advertising. She lives near Munich.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger