Vitality and Health through Fascia Massage



Stefanie Arend


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168 pages
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Self-help exercises for gaining strength and agility and becoming free of pain

Fasciae – as a  brous network they stretch throughout our body from head to toe, giving it its shape, stabilizing it and improving its self-awareness and -coordination. Due to a lack of exercise or unilateral muscle activity, however, they can agglutinate and harden, frequently resulting in back and neck pain as well as aching shoulders and joints. Yin-Yoga expert Stefanie Arend shows us gentle yet highly effective exercises that can help us strengthen our fasciae and improve their elasticity. Instead of using the fascia roller, fascia balls are applied that work more specifically, allowing the treatment even of particularly persistent trigger points. Many illustrations make it easy to perform these exercises at home. Yin-Yoga sequences that are perfectly adapted to your fasciae’s needs, instructions for massage techniques such as cupping therapy as well as nutritional tips complete this valuable guide.

› trend training »fascia massage« revolutionized the  fitness sector
› elastic fasciae are the key to health,  fitness and a great  figure
› for all those who want to improve their body awareness and agility

Stefanie Arend

Stefanie Arend lives in Wiehl (North Rhine-Westphalia). She runs her own yoga school and is experienced in teaching in Germany and abroad. She is an approved yoga teacher and learned Yin Yoga from the co-founders and leading yoga experts Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. She completed an additional training in nutritional counselling.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger