Trees – in Alternative Medicine and in the Kitchen



Karin Greiner

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264 pages
242 colour photos

80 Recipes for Our Well-Being and Medicine Chest

• Native trees for medicine chest and kitchen
• 80 healing recipes based on tree medicine, 180 cooking recipes from spicy to sweet
• Portraits of 28 tree types complete with high quality photos

Trees have always been faithful companions of mankind. They serve not only as building material and fuel, but also as source of food and beneficial medicine. In the past it was quite common to use wild tree ingredients to prepare food and various types of medicines. And even today they can contribute in many ways to our health, our well-being, and also to our kitchen. Tree and alternative medicine specialist Karin Greiner unveils the treasures that domestic tree types have to offer, from apple to stone-pine. Recipes cover a wide range from traditional and simple to sophisticated and innovative, from acorn coffee and hawthorn bread, medlar liqueur, and rowan balsamic to clove cherry cakes and poplar frittelle. On top of that, the book offers a number of reliable ancient recipes for tree medicine, such as lime blossom tea, larch resin ointment, or whitethorn tincture, all of which make use of the healing powers found in trees.

Karin Greiner

Karin Greiner Graduate biologist, lecturer of herb pedagogy and folk medicine. Long-time plant expert for Bavarian Broadcasting (BR), author of numerous books on the topics of nature and gardening, enthusiastic cook.
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Agence Schweiger