Trees and the Invisible


Garden & Nature

New Age / Esoterics

Ernst Zürcher

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240 pages
Approx. 50 photos
66 illustrations


Astounding Research Findings

• The wondrous world of trees
• Latest findings on tides in tree trunks, the cosmic pulse of buds, moon wood, and the new fertility of Earth
• A scientist’s visionary book, with instructions for future actions

Trees and forests are in danger – yet they could be our greatest allies. Modern natural science, if willing to cast a glance behind occurrences, will encounter the most unexpected particularities in trees. Traditional knowledge on trees proves to be visionary. Parallel to that, science discovers astounding, formerly unknown facts. This book addresses the phenomena of tree peoples, the secret of longevity, the importance of the Golden Cut, the »new water«, the tides in tree trunks, as well as the cosmic pulse of buds. The subtle, measurable messages of trees include warning signals for earthquakes, similar to those known from the world of animals. What is moon wood and what characteristics does it have? What effects do wooden houses, wood fire, or quite simply forest air have on our health? Why shouldn’t trees and forests be used again as sources of fertility for agriculture just as they were in the past, especially as they also help reversing the greenhouse effect?

Ernst Zürcher

Ernst Zürcher Doctor of science, forestry engineer, professor for wood science at Berne College of Higher Education. Visiting lecturer for wood science at EPFL Lausanne as well as at Zurich College of Higher Education (Master's program in Environmental Sciences).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger