Training Cards for Puppies



Tarots & Oracles

Celina del Amo


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Infos :

28 pages
39 colour photographs
70 colour illustrations
64 cards in a box

Test questions with answers

• Information, learning, experience and activity cards: 64 clearly arranged cards in a handy format for indoors and outdoors = puppy training anywhere, anytime

• Playful training – so that basic commands and general acti- vities will be grasped in a jiffy

• Learning based on a simple modular system – step by step

Celina del Amo

Celina del Amo is a veterinarian with an additional qualification in behavioural therapy for dogs and cats. The co-founder of Lupologic GmbH, Centre for Applied Cynology and Clinical Ethology, has already published several books on dog training and occupation.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger