Expedition : Venturing into the Unknown


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Klaus Fengler

Tom Dauer

Knesebeck Verlag

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25.0 x 32.0 cm
Half linen
256 pages
250 b/w illustrations


There are still unknown regions to be explored – modern- day expeditions

Challenges and dangers lurk on the edges of the inhabited world: the battle against exhaustion, dehydration and relentless winds, treacherous crevasses, the danger of falling rocks and ice and plummeting into an abyss. In order to succeed and return home safely, the members of an expedition need to be able to rely on each other. Here, experience, endurance and the ability to assess the overall situation are probably worth more than strength alone or youthful daring. In this book, Klaus Fengler’s vivid images, accompanied by powerful texts from Tom Dauer, capture the essence of an expedition and how it affects our lives, in ten stages ranging from preparation to the successful homeward journey.

This large-format, exclusively finished volume captures the nature of expeditions in outstanding black and white photos

Photos from recent and present-day expeditions, for example with well-known climbers Urs Odermatt and Stefan Glowacz, show how expeditions are organised and run and what drives the participants

Accompanying texts and interviews lend the members of expedition teams a voice and offer personal insight into their world

Klaus Fengler

Klaus Fengler was born in 1963, grew up in Northern Germany and now lives in the region Berchtesgadener Land, at the foot of the Watzmann mountain. For almost two decades, he has accompanied expeditions, for example with Stefan Glowacz and Robert Jasper, and travelling to Patagonia, Baffin Island, Mexico, Kenya, Venezuela, Russia and Nepal. He took part in a climbing expedition in Greenland with Swiss professional climber Urs Odermatt and crossed a Patagonian region on horseback and with Gauchos. And during such gruelling and colourful adventures, he captured some of his most impressive images.

Tom Dauer

Tom Dauer, born in 1969, grew up in Mexico City and Munich. As a mountaineer and climber, he has visited the Patagonian Andes, the Himalayas and the Karakorum region. Even today, he realises first ascents of rock faces in the Alps. He writes for publications such as Geo, Merian and National Geographic and is the author of numerous books on mountains, alpinism and adventure. He also writes scripts for and directs documentary films. Tom Dauer lives with his family on an isolated farm between Munich and the edge of the Alps.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger