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Kevin Rechsteiner

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Planning, do-it-yourself construction, and prefabricated houses. With numerous case studies

• Tiny House: The first comprehensive practical guide on a hot topic
• All you need to know, from the original idea to the assembled tiny house
• Inspirations and hands-on instructions. Experiences from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria

The US hype around the tiny house movement has hit Europe as well. The cultural, legal, and geographical conditions for this type of living space differ significantly on the two continents.
The author provides instructions and tips on how to build and maintain a tiny house in Central Europe and presents several different building projects. The informative texts are accompanied by reports and interviews with numerous tiny house owners as well as many beautiful images. If you start thinking about tiny houses, you are bound to bump into the following questions: Where am I allowed to build such a house? Is it warm enough in winter? Is a solar installation sufficient for power supply? Where do I get water from, and how do I dispose of sewage water? When building or purchasing a tiny house, a number of aspects need to be considered that are not relevant for other types of houses. The author and expert who has built his own tiny house gives answers to all possible questions in this fabulous book, taking into account the different requirements and legal frameworks of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Kevin Rechsteiner

Kevin Rechsteiner gave up his flat in 2016 and transformed a circus trailer into an apartment within a year. He has lived near Zurich since 2017 and shares his experiences in a blog.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger