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For long-term relief from migraines and headaches: The Maria Holl Method®

• From the founder of the recognized Tinnitus Breathing Therapy (TAT) according to Holl®

• Body oriented holistic treatment measures

In Germany, around ten percent of the population suffer from migraines, and the number of people having tension headaches is even higher. Typical symptoms include regularly recurring and throbbing headaches, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine symptoms usually start at puberty, but can also appear in children as young as three.

With a specially developed therapy program the Maria Holl Method (MHM)®, which is also highly effective for “normal” head- aches – the alternative practitioner and health expert has for many years provided relief to sufferers of these widespread ailments.

The body-oriented combination of mindfulness, applied Chinese medicine, self-massage and bioenergetic analysis is equally suit- able for adults, children and adolescents. The everyday MHM exercises teach you how to balance the energetic state of your body, counteract negative thoughts or blockages and return step by step to a painless, relaxed life.

•Useful information about migraines and headaches • Holistic MHM exercises for a painfree life
• Suitable for adults, adolescents and children alike

The Maria Holl Method® – proven a thousand times over!

Maria Holl

She is a graduate social worker and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy who has been working in her own practice as a psychotherapist, coach and meditation teacher in Aachen since 1981. In 1995 she developed the Tinnitus Breathing Therapy according to Holl® (TAT), the effectiveness of which was confirmed by a scientific study of the University of Regensburg. She trains therapists in this method and has published several books and audio CDs on the treatment of psychosomatic complaints, including "Tinnitus lindern" ("Tinnitus relief"), which has been translated into five languages.
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Agence Schweiger