These screens that absorb our children





Catherine L’Ecuyer

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202 pages
15 x 22.5 cm

Technology is part of our daily lives. Our children grow up with cartoons and, increasingly early on, they are attracted by online games, social networks and very quickly have their own mobile phone. And the pandemic linked to Covid-19 has of course accentuated this phenomenon. Juggling from one activity to another, children are becoming the kings of multitasking. This way of life seems so natural to our «digital children»! But should they be introduced to the technologies of our modern world as early as possible? Don’t they risk suffering from a «reality deficit», as many childhood specialists agree?

As Catherine L’Ecuyer shows in this hard-hitting book, children above all need sensory experiences and a strong bond of attachment based on po- sitive human interactions. Just because a baby is captivated by the screen of its parents’ telephone does not mean that it is a need for its growth and education. And in this sense, the author dismantles, with studies and concrete examples, a series of educational myths. Pedagogically, she shares the keys to understanding the links between education and digital, both at home and in the classroom, and shows that the best preparation for the responsible use of new technologies takes place in reality, i.e. the best preparation for the online world would ultimately be …the offline world.

Catherine L’Ecuyer

Catherine L’Ecuyer, a Doctor of Education and Psychology, is a researcher, consultant and lecturer who is sought after throughout the world. She is the author of numerous publications on the education and psychology of children.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger