The witches’ circle


Tarots & Oracles

Gabriel Sanchez

Guy Trédaniel

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125 x 170 mm

The mysterious box set of incantations, lunar cycles and witches’ bestiary!

The witch is a freedom-loving female healer, an adept of the science of plants, a guardian of nature and the invisible world. She is the holder of knowledge that is passed on from mother to daughter. Goddess of life and creation in all its forms. Calling forth energies, investing herself with their powers.

In this oracle of 60 cards, you will have the chance to be guided in a magical universe, where the cards will suggest incantations related to healing, protection, release, abundance, and will also invite you to commune with the energy of the moons, thus taking advantage of their teachings. Not forgetting the witches’ bestiary, which will reveal its secrets. Whether they are woodland creatures or fantastic creatures.

The magic is there, and is revealed to those who can see it.

Gabriel Sanchez

GABRIEL SANCHEZ is in contact with invisible worlds. He is the author of the “Oracle of the black witch and the runes”.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger