The power of being



Jean-Marie Muller

Guy Trédaniel

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15 x 22
250 pages
Printing: Black
German manuscript available


We all aspire to a better life and freedom from suffering and hardship.

Jean-Marie Muller shares with us the fundamental keys to better understanding our mechanisms (he has experienced alcoholism, drugs, the street and then managed to bounce back and find a new meaning to his life), who we are, and how we shape our lives at every moment, while offering concrete elements to solve the difficulties that aggravate our daily lives. How do we create our lives? Why do we get sick? What do our failures and conflicts mean? In answering these questions in a way that is both simple and profound, The Power of Being invites us to take a new look at our lives and the situations we experience.

A truly practical guide, accessible to all, this book is a formidable tool for evolution and interior transformation, both individually and collectively.

Jean-Marie Muller

A teacher in human growth, a medium, Jean-Marie Muller does not bother with preconceived formulas and freely dares to question certain principles of current and past currents of thought. He is also recognised for his exceptional therapeutic work. With simplicity and a great deal of humour, he offers fundamental teachings to free oneself from suffering and illness and to solve everyday difficulties. He has already helped thousands of people throughout the world to dare to stand up, to reveal their potential and to live their lives to the fullest.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger