The wisdom of the Mothers: healing impulses from the matriarchy


New Age / Esoterics

Lothar Beck

Neue Erde

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256 pages

Renewing life energy

Following on from such innovative matriarchy researchers as Heide Göttner- Abendroth and Marija Gimbutas, this book offers not only a backward view of tens of thousands of years of reverence for the Great Mother as the original source of all life, but also demonstrates how the motherly, thriving principles of matriarchy may point us to a path out of the destructions of the patriarchal age.

➤ Our matriarchal origins
➤ The transformative power of the matriarchy
➤ Paths out of social and ecological disaster

If the term “matriarchy’ is translated as “the rule of the Mother”, the concept would be too narrow, as the power of the Mother does not lie with holding power, rather with the effective power of her being, on her power to bring forth life. The matriarchal order – which is tens of thousands of years older than patriarchy, which has only been dominant for a few thousands of years – is the basis of the cycle of ever returning and renewing life.

In his book Lothar Beck describes the symbols and original figures of the matriarchal order, which reach right into the early Christian period, and even show Jesus as the one “anointed” by women in a matriarchal tradition. However, this backward view is intended to give us a new view into our future: what are the characteristics of a matriarchal societal order, and how may we find a way to attain a value- creating cyclical economy, networked thinking, and a consensus principle?

This book is a passionate plea for the “motherly” values of protecting, caring for and nurturing, for a regaining of the “being power” of a woman and for the initiation of the man into the rules of life.

Lothar Beck

Lothar Beck, born 1946, is a theologian and worked as a clergyman for 14 years, followed by about 25 years as a couple and family therapist at the psychotherapeutic centre in Stuttgart, and in his own practise (non-medical practitioner). In parallel he was also worked as a further education instructor in systemic counselling with an emphasis on separation and divorce counselling. Since 2010 he has been intensively occupied with research into matriarchy and connects this with his considerable background in theology, system theory, and family psychology. Lothar Beck lives near Stuttgart.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger