The Wild Heart of Europe




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Christine Sonvilla and Marc Graf

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Approx. 224 pages
Colour illustrations: 180


The return of lynx, wolf and bear


Wolf, brown bear and lynx in unspoiled forests– but hardly anyone would expect to find those forests in densely populated Central Europe. Yet despite its bustling urban conurbations, tourism and industry, the heart of Europe has managed to retain areas of unspoiled wilderness, and, with human assistance, these animals, once almost extinct in the wild, are now beginning to return to the Alps. A major challenge for modern-day Europe in the 21st century. Sheep breeders fear for the safety of their stock, hunters face competition, and there are concerns about the personal safety of those seeking relaxation in nature: is there still a place for wild animals in Central Europe?

In this book nature photographers Christine Sonvilla and Marc Graf document the return of these predators to the heart of Europe. Together with shepherds, foresters and scientists, they examine the question of just how wild we can allow Europe to be.

Christine Sonvilla and Marc Graf

Christine Sonvilla and Marc Graf are professional photographers, film-makers and authors. In their work, the trained biologists aim to promote biodiversity and the protection of our ecosystems and boost public perception of environmental topics. Their photos have been published in many print magazines, including National Geographic Deutschland, and have featured in exhibitions and live presentations. The two also work on TV film productions for ORF, arte, ZDF or Servus TV. Christine Sonvilla and Marc Graf live in Mürzzuschlag in Styria/Austria.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger