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Jonas Frei

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240 pages
Colour photos and illustrations
Word Count: 37,399

All common types of Central Europe. Botany, history, culture

• A comprehensive portrait of the walnut
• Detailed descriptions of all types that occur in our region
• Botany, history, and culture – richly illustrated

The walnut tree is one of the most beautiful trees to be found in our landscape, its wood is among the most precious in our climate zone, and its nuts are healthy and delicious. This book offers a thorough and informative summary about walnuts and their surprisingly rich culture and tradition. The genuine walnut, »juglans regia«, is only one species of this diverse plant family whose natural habitat spreads over four continents. About 30 of the 60 known types as well as some crossbreeds can be spotted in our parks and recreational areas. Among others we can find hickories, wingnuts, and botanical curiosities such as the platycarya or the wheel wingnut. With dedicated chapters on culture, history, biology, and landscape architecture, the book highlights various aspects of this fascinating plant family. For the first time ever richly illustrated portraits offer detailed descriptions of all types and hybrids that occur in Central Europe. The book makes it wonderfully easy to identify even the most exotic types such as the black walnut, Manchurian walnut, or pignut.

Jonas Frei

Jonas Frei Graduate landscape architect, works as documentary filmmaker and editor for the TV show NETZ NATUR of the Swiss TV channel SRF. His main areas of interest are the creation of free spaces, photography, illustrations, graphic design, and writing.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger