The vocation for the highly sensitive






Luca Rohleder


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240 Pages
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The tightrope walk between genius and collapse

“The Vocation for the Highly Sensitive” is now in its 5th edition and is one of the best-selling books on high sensitivity. It was one of the first works that appeared on this topic and made a significant contribution to popularizing the term “high sensitivity” in German-speaking countries.

Highly sensitive people feel that there is something slumbering in them that is just waiting to wake up. They know that they have a lot of talents, but they cannot specifically name them. So, they are rarely able to capitalize on their strengths. Rather, they often fear that they will no longer be able to keep pace with the new challenges of a changed labour market. What remains is sometimes a never-ending and agonizing search for the right place in the professional world.

This guide will help you find your calling. You will be given step-by-step help on how you can find professional fulfilment in a new world of uncertainty, dynamism and change.

Luca Rohleder has developed a psychological model for this, which includes the division of the ego into three egos. You will thereby increase the level of your self-knowledge, and much will be revealed to you that you previously found inexplicable. You will see that not only do you have gifts of genius, but that they actually have a specific calling.


Luca Rohleder

Luca Rohleder became known to the general public through his development of a complementary model to explain intellectual and emotional processes in sensitive, sensitive and empathetic people. It has established itself under the term "three-ego model according to Rohleder" and is characterized in particular by the introduction of a "newborn ego". This book builds on this new perspective and offers amazing new insights into love. In addition to his hobby of quantum philosophy, Rohleder also operates the high sensitivity network.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger