The stencil handbook



Christian Guémy

Éditions Eyrolles

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144 pages
17 x 23 cm

A book to convey all the possibilities of the art of stencil, so that eve- ryone can forge their own style. The art of stencil has no limits. The term refers to both a tool and the work that results from this tool: a «stencil». The tool consists above all of a mask that covers a support through which one paints and which when removed leaves, in negative, to appear an impression. This manual will be made possible thanks to the experience of C215 but also and especially thanks to the meetings and the links woven by the artist with the actors of this field.

Christian Guémy

Christian Guémy aka C215 has essentially worked with stencil since 2005. He paints in the streets around the world, on all types of me- dia and format, and in atypical places (prisons, hospitals, research centers, educational institutions...). He is today one of the most reco- gnized stencil artists on the international street art scene. His work is very regularly exposed.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger