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45 Easy-to-Make Gifts and Accessories

Concrete is in. And no wonder: it’s inexpensive, durable, and makes unique, stunning pieces with which to decorate your home. With just a bag of ready-mixed concrete, water and a few utensils and moulds you can find around the house, you can create beautiful, minimalist items in no time at all; from clocks, vases, lampshades and bowls through to jewellery, wine coolers and desk organisers.

Each project is equipped with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and tips, and all can be made with very little know-how – making it a perfect craft for beginner concrete artisans, as well as the more experienced mason.

A perfect mix of power, presence and practicality, bring concrete into your home today and discover a new-found love for this often overlooked but remarkable building material.

Marion Dawidowski

Marion Dawidowski is a veteran author of over 80 craft titles from sewing through interiors design and Christmas decorations and now the trending concrete art. Marion is married, with two sons and a dog. She lives in Brockhagen near Bielefeld, Germany. Ingrid Moras is a multi-disciplined author of titles including silk and fabric painting: paper, wood, wire and mosaic work; jewellery making and – of course – creating designs with the on trend concrete. Ingrid is married with two daughters. She finds relaxation and inspiration in her garden, and enjoys hiking in her homeland, the Allgau, in southern Germany.
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